Welcome to Rustique Art, a Christian based company featuring crosses as gifts, home accents, accessories and jewelry. Each design is handcrafted from start to finish, beginning with the wire that is used to make the cross form, adding any paint or finishes to the cross before hand sewing the beads on with wire. The menagerie of crosses also includes the amazing work of Trent Cody,
an artisan of metal work. You will see his talent in the many varieties of Steel Crosses featured on this site. Trent and I have collaborated for a number of years and have combined our efforts to create beautiful Christian artwork for you and your home.

Incorporating the art of wire sculpting and wrapping with beautiful gemstone, glass, crystal, metal beads, vintage jewelry and an occasional piece of discarded treasure, a wall cross of heirloom quality is designed and created.

Every Rustique Art wire cross design is handcrafted. Machines are not used to bend, twist or shape the wire crosses including the Barbed Wire Crosses. Stone wrapped Steel Crosses and Fish are cut using a precision die cutting process and then washed by hand with a rustic or galvanized finish.

There are a few guidelines for all Rustique Art designs, one is that there will be no plastic beads used in a design. Flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, bead stores and shows, are just some of the places I have acquired beads for Rustique Art crosses, including the art of disassembling vintage jewelry and some new costume jewelry. However; the occasional bead made of something other than glass, porcelain, clay, stone, metal, wood or bone, will be infused in the design. So sometimes that guideline is pushed aside. Rest assured that 99% of the design will be within that

Another guideline is that you are absolutely 100% happy with your order. Pretty simple....quality and satisfaction!

With a desire to create beautiful pieces of art that glorify God and the amazing encouragement from family and friends, Rustique Art is quickly becoming a full time passion.

Abundant Blessings,

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